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Gta San Andreas Oyster Mapl

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition has 50 Oyster Locations. This guide shows where to find them all (updated for GTA San Andreas Trilogy Remaster on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC). Oysters are found exclusively underwater. They look like oyster shells and you must dive and swim into them to collect them.

Gta San Andreas Oyster Mapl

Here are the next group of oysters in San Fierro and badlands region. They are all located under water, although they are usually fairly simple to locate as long as you are in the right area. Use the map to locate the area and the screenshots to pinpoint their locations to you. You shouldnt need any extra lung capacity to get them all.One more bit of advice, SAVE OFTEN!Click a number to be taken to descriptions and screenshots of the Oysters location.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features several collectibles scattered throughout the map. Among them, you will find the 50 oysters, objects which are submerged in water areas, making it necessary to dive to collect them. Below, we show you a map with the location of each oyster, as well as explaining how to find them.

Now, head all the way to Glen Park, to the actual park you should have noticed in a few missions involving gang territories. You should find the oyster in the pond in the middle of the park, underneath the overpass.

Next, go to the northwest and find the town of Blueberry. Follow the middle road east out of the town, to the first intersection, then south and you should find two bridges, one wooden and one concrete. The oyster is underneath them.

I have the same problem I have not entered any cheats, nor do I save if I die or get arrested. I have used MANY maps and many hours trying to find the last oyster. It still says I have 49/50. I can't figure it out, nor do I know why. Any ideas?

Try the bridge at the top left of the map (northwest). There are 2 oysters there, and the one furthest North can be deceiving. When the bridge meets land, there's another stretch of water (sort of hidden) where the oyster is.

I am still stuck at 49/50 oysters. Any ideas? I have checked all locations on the maps several times. Not sure why it's at 49. Like I mentioned before, I haven't saved if I fail a mission, get arrested, or die, nor have I cheated, so wtf?!

Similarly, I only need one more oyster for all 50. Would someone be so kind and helpful as to download my saved game from the Android version of GTA-SA version 1.01 here: and determine by using SAMA or some other method the location and number of the missing oyster and post the results in this thread so that I can go straight to it in the game myself. I'd also be happy to know how you were able to find the answer for me. Thank you very much. Merci Beaucoup. Muchas Gracias. Dziękuję bardzo. Спасибо большое. And so forth.;-)


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