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Blind Mirror 720p

The Orbit 122 is a high-performance dash cam built-in a compact and sleek design to keep your view unobstructed. 1080P high-definition recording captures clear footage even while traveling at high speeds. 2 blind spot mirrors are also included to give you more visibility of the road. A 120 wide viewing angle will capture more details of the road such as road signs and license plates. A G-sensor is built into the dash cam, so it can sense a collision and automatically lock the current recording, so it cannot be loop recorded over. An 8GB microSD card is included, so once installed, the Orbit 122 can begin recording immediately.

Blind Mirror 720p

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Equipped with the Dual Sony Starvis sensor and an upgraded chip, plus HDR technology, the M2 rearview mirror cam can shoot clear videos as well as license plates and road signs even in low light, giving you a better night vision experience.

When reversing, the screen automatically switches to the reversing image with an adjustable reversing aid line, which can be adjusted according to the size of your car, allowing you to enjoy the zero-blind zone reversing experience, which makes reversing safer and easier.

This front and rear mirror camera can manually adjust the left side of the display range up and down to achieve the best field of view. The screen brightness can be easily adjusted by swiping up or down on the right side of the screen.

No need to worry about installing the rear camera upside down. The rear camera supports the mirroring function, which can adjust the rear view image horizontally and supports the 180 flip of the rear view camera, making it easier to install on pickup trucks and RVs.

The camera is designed to help provide a rear view in addition to what you see in your mirrors. It may be particularly helpful for parking, seeing blind zones, spotting pavement markings and curbs, as well as other vehicles and general surroundings.

"Quality is what defines their products. 10 years using their mirror replacements. Not only are they made here in the USA but the fit is as the OE. No comparison to other auto parts stores."

"We have used Burco Mirrors for years at our business. Our customers love the quality and price of the products. Such a great choice over having to buy the whole mirror from the dealer."

With 2 channel recording you can be confident to capture an incident at all times. The front camera is built into the mirror monitor and records Full HD 1080P with a 120 degree field of view, while the rear camera can be mounted at the rear of the vehicle and records HD 720P videos with a 95 degree field of view. GRV95MKT also has a built in G-Sensor to detect sudden impacts and loop records, it includes a 16GB Micro SD Card in the box and can be expanded up to 128GB if more memory is required. It will capture any incidents or events that may occur at the front and rear of the vehicle.

While driving, the mirror monitor will simply appear as a standard reflective mirror and also has the ability to live stream, displaying what is behind the vehicle in real time, which is ideal for Trucks, Utes, Vans and Motorhomes which may have limited rear vision. When reverse gear is selected, the monitor will automatically switch to the reverse camera and display parking gridlines to provide guidance when reversing.

Furthermore, my appreciation as a reader for some time goes to each and every person who has contributed such excellent quality of writing and reporting in the name of accessibility, dignity, and independence to all those who are blind and/or vision impaired across the globe.

Envision recently announced a partnership between the Envision Research Institute (ERI) and Wichita State University's Regional Institute on Aging (RIA) that will increase resources for both organizations and promote greater professional and academic interest in low vision rehabilitation. The ERI, which was established by Envision in 2014, focuses on meaningful and applied vision research with the goal of raising the standard for low vision patient care and removing functional barriers for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The RIA is a virtual research organization established by WSU that serves as an intellectual and scientific organizer for the university and its partners to facilitate, leverage, and expand ongoing research work to enhance the lives of older adults.

A new Breathe app will be part of watchOS3. This app is designed to guide the user through deep breathing sessions, to help relax the body, quiet the mind, and deal with everyday stress. You can set reminders for this app. With the digital crown, choose from one to five minute sessions. Both sighted and blind users can use haptic feedback (vibrations) for their reminders.

According to the Blindy.TV representative, "We want blind individuals to enjoy our offerings, but that's not the main reason we do this. Our main goal is twofold. First, there are still a lot of vision-impaired individuals, especially the elderly, who don't know audio description is even available. We want to show them what's possible so they can help us with our second goal: encouraging listeners to pressure the various content producers, networks, and online services to produce a lot more audio-described television."

Netflix finally began offering audio description on all of its Netflix Originals and for other programs that have available audio description. "We shamed them into doing that," says the Blindy.TV representative. "We also got a lot of support from the general public when Netflix announced the release of Daredevil, since they were making a program about a blind superhero that the blind could not fully enjoy."

So far Hulu and Amazon Prime have not followed suit. "We need to keep up the pressure," the Blindy.TV representative says, "and not just on the networks, cable channels, and streaming services. We also need to educate and lobby the studios and production companies." Indeed, some of the problem may be a simple lack of knowledge: "If not all blind people even know audio description is possible, how many production and studio execs don't know either?"

Most new desktop video magnifier models boast that they offer high-definition (HD) quality. This can refer to the resolution of either the camera or the display, but both elements must support HD for this feature to be beneficial to a viewer. HD itself is an elusive term. HD specs are expressed in several ways, and there is no hard and fast rule for what constitutes HD. You will most often see HD resolution expressed in terms of video mode, as in 720p, 1080p, or higher. Full HD usually translates to 1080p. There are multiple ultra-HD video modes, too, with even greater video resolution. Vendors often adopt terminology that differentiates their own HD products from the competition, or even from other models in their own lineup. Low Vision International (LVI), for example, sells its MagniLink Zip magnifiers with either a 720p (HD) or 1080p (full HD) camera. All HD modes put more pixels on screen than does standard definition, allowing the camera to capture a sharper image, and the monitor to display one, too. This comes in handy at high magnification levels, when text or small objects under your camera could otherwise look fuzzy. Crisp text is also very important when you use custom color modes to enhance the contrast of the screen image. We'll have more to say about color modes later.

A number of magnifiers with arm-mounted cameras also give you the ability to switch between reading view (with the camera pointed down at text or objects) and distance view (with the camera pointed away from you) or self-view (with the camera pointed toward you). If your magnifier includes a distance view option, rotate the camera head so that the lens faces away from you. Focus on objects across the room: a white board, a television, or a person, and zoom to a level that allows you to comfortably follow the action. By turning the camera toward you, you can view your own face, using the magnifier like a mirror for self-care tasks such as makeup and hairstyling. Not all magnifiers offer these views, so be sure yours does if you intend to use these features. Some magnifiers, including HumanWare's Prodigi Connect 12, accomplish distance and self-viewing not with the integrated camera, but with an optional secondary camera, connected to the unit via USB.

Sonar Glasses can be a useful mobility tool for some people who are blind or visually impaired, though they are not meant as a replacement for a white cane or a guide dog. As described on the G-Technology Group website, the glasses "are designed to increase mobility independence for the blind and visually impaired. They complement the white cane and guide dog by detecting obstacles above waist level (such as tree limbs, signs, walls, people, low ceilings, etc.) Sonar Glasses technology is based on echolocation, similar to the way bats navigate in the dark. The glasses emit sound waves and measure the time to receive sound reflected by nearby objects." 076b4e4f54


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