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Poly Universe

A tiny band of settlers land on a remote planet. With you as their leader they will either build a new civilization, or be consumed by the foul creatures which inhabit the furthest reaches of space.In Poly Universe worlds are tiny but numerous. Be strategic in laying out your cities to maximize the limited space available on each world. Balance industry and residential buildings to keep your citizens happy. But don't neglect the defenses necessary to keep them safe! Here in the outer edge of the known universe, danger can arrive at any moment, and when it does it arrives in full force.

Poly Universe

The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting scientific research and educational programs relating to life in our universe. SETI is responsible for over 98 extraterrestrial intelligence projects, some in collaboration with NASA, since its start in 1984, and has contributed to astronomical advances globally.

The Cal Poly Pomona Astronomy program provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of how the universe works, from how stars and planets form, to how galaxies get their structure, to the ultimate questions of the structure and fate of the entire universe.

In this edition of HOLAA in a Hot Spot Tiff answers questions around being polyam and queer in a monogamous hetero-presenting relationship, having a low key crush on women and being straight presenting. Rules of the game:1. You can submit your questions anonymously2. Just tell us where you are from so Tiff can give advice with context and focus.Links:Submit your questions here - the Basically Life Instagram on basicallylife_podLike, review and subscribe on all your fave platforms!

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