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Riverside Drive (Original Mix)

The boost pedal input allows you to leave Riverside on all the time with just the amount of dirt, distortion, and drive you desire, and then boost your overall output signal by up to +6dB when you need to jump up in the mix.

Riverside Drive (Original Mix)

The 191 acres of land in the original park between 72nd to 125th Streets were originally inhabited by the Lenape people, but by the 18th century were used for farms. In 1846, the Hudson River Railroad (later the West Side Line and Hudson Line) was built along the waterfront, connecting New York City to Albany. In 1865, Central Park commissioner William R. Martin put forth the first proposal for a riverside park along the Hudson River. An act providing for such was presented to the Legislature by commissioner Andrew Haswell Green in 1866 and approved the same year. The first segment of Riverside Park was acquired through condemnation in 1872. The park also included the construction of Riverside Drive (then known as Riverside Avenue), a tree-lined drive curving around the valleys and rock outcroppings, overlooking the future park and the waterfront. The avenue was laid out in 1868 and was 100 feet (30 m) wide for its entire length. The plans for Riverside Park and Avenue brought the attention of William M. Tweed, who bought several lots adjacent to the park in anticipation of its construction.

Over the following years, work proceeded on Riverside Avenue, with various ramps and stairs to the park as well as a bridle path between 104th and 120th Streets. In 1876 Olmsted was asked to create plans for the design of the avenue as a country drive, but ultimately it was paved. In late 1876, bids were accepted for the paving of Riverside Avenue. Olmsted was ousted as parks superintendent in December 1877. From 1875 to 1910, architects and horticulturalists such as Calvert Vaux and Samuel Parsons laid out the stretch of park/road between 72nd and 125th Streets according to the English gardening ideal, creating the appearance that the park was an extension of the Hudson River Valley. The avenue was opened in 1880 and was well-used by walkers, bikers, and drivers. The viaduct across 96th Street remained incomplete until 1902. In 1908, the avenue was renamed Riverside Drive.

Any Delivery Charge is not a tip paid to your driver. Please reward your driver for awesomeness. Drivers carry less than $20. You must ask for this limited time offer. Minimum purchase required for delivery. Delivery charge and tax may apply. Prices, participation, delivery area and charges may vary. Returned checks, along with the state's maximum allowable returned check fee, may be electronically presented to your bank. 2018 Domino's IP Holder LLC. Domino's, Domino's Pizza and the game piece logo are registered trademarks of Domino's IP Holder LLC. "Coca-Cola" and the Contour Bottle design are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. The Ice Breakers Mints trademark and trade dress are used under license. Apple, the Apple logo and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Windows Phone is a registered trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.

Located just 25 minutes from downtown, Riverside Parc Apartments offers you a quick drive or MARTA ride to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Fulton County government, and Fulton County Industrial Park. Our apartment community perfectly situates you for shopping at Sandtown Crossing, hiking at Sweetwater Creek State Park, and dining at Atlanta Chophouse & Brewery.

Application: CUP 200051 (2nd Transmittal - May 27, 2022), PJ Properties Investment, LLC c/o Simerjeet Singh - Engineer/Representative: Empire Design Group, Inc. c/o Greg S. Hann, applicant. Proposes under Change on Zone No. 2000033 for a zone change from Residential Agricultural - 2 acre minimum (R-A-2) to Scenic Highway Commerical (C-P-S). Also proposes for CUP 200051 for a gas station with 12 fuel pump positions under a 4,089 sq/ft canopy drive-thru car wash. The project would provide 21 parking spaces, including 3 ADA, 2 EV and 6 covered vacuum parking spaces. Infiltration pits and a trash enclosure are included, surrounded by landscaping. Location: Northof Highway 74, East of Wesson Canyon Road, and West of Hammack Avenue on 2.59 gross acres. Case Info

Application: CUP 200018 TPM 37850, Salmanco, LP, applicant. Proposes seven building totaling 31,822 sq ft on 16.43 gross acres north of Hwy 74, south of 7th St, north of Ellis Ave, southeasterly of Clayton St. Two buildings are for restaurants with drive-thrus, two retail buildings, one convenience store, and one drive-thru car wash. Two fuel canopies proposed. CUP would allow sales of beer and wine as a part of the convenience store/gas station. Case Information Site Plan

Application: PAR# 180052 Drive-Thru Car Wash with 16 stalls for self-service vacuuming, plus drive-thru/walk-up coffee shop restaurant on 1 acre lot east of Hwy 74, north of Richard St, west of Robert St. Includes GPA from CD: VLDR to CD:CR and zone change from R-R to C-P-S. Case Information (including site plan)

Application: PPT 220001 (2nd Transmittal May 18, 2022), Peter Schafer - Engineer: EPD Solutions, Michael Brown, applicant. Proposes the construction of a 96,270 sq/ft warehouse building with 3,500 sq/ft of office space for a total sq/ft of 99,770 sq/ft. Maximum height of the building is proposed at 42'6" and will be comprised of concrete titl-up construction. The project site will include a total of 80 parking spaces. In addition, 118 truck trailer parking spaces will be provided. As proposed the project site would include three future driveways, one from Harvill Avenue and two from Cajalco Road. Location: North of Cajalco Road, South of Dree Circle, East of Harvill Avenue, and West of Interstate 215 on 9.13 gross acres. Case Info Site Plan

Application: 210157, Michael Brown, applicant. Proposes 91,580 sq ft warehouse bldg with 8,000 sq ft of office space for a total of 99,580 sq ft. Includes three driveways, one from Harvill Ave and two from Cajalco Rd. Provides 99 parking spaces plub 133 trailer parking stalls. Located on 9.13 acres north of Cajalco Rd, south of Dree Circle, east of Harvill Ave, and west of I-215. Case Info Project Description

Application: CUP 18008, Applicant Sameh Ibrahim. Proposes a neighborhood shopping center with service station, mini mart with drive through and a restaurant with drive through and/or single or multi-tenant uses. Proposed structures will comprise approximately 9,115 sq ft and 81 parking spaces. Located on 2.15 acres north of Elmwood St, south of Cajalco Rd, east of Haines St, and west of Clark St.. Access to be take from Cajalco Rd and Clark St. Case Info Site Plan Elevations

Application: TPM 38172 PP 210130, Neal Holdridge, applicant. Merges five parcels into one lot and the construction of a 239,208 sq ft industrial building with 5,000 sq ft of office space. Inclues 31 dock doors on the south side of the warehouse, with a total of 98 parking spaces for employees and 40 trailer parking spaces. Access to be provided from three new driveways, one off Harley Knox Blvd and two off Rowland Lane. Located on 15.2 acres north of Old Oleander Ave, south of Harley Knox Blvd, east of Decker Rd, and west of Harvill Ave. Part of the Majestic Freeway Business Center Specific Plan passed in 2008. Case Info Site Plan and Elevations

Application: CUP 3370, Revision 2. Clean Energy, applicant. Proposes removing an existing entitlement for drive through restaurants, and replacing it with private parking for Clean Energy's fleet vehicles. Would include 133 parking spaces with CNG/RNG fueling stations and 84 standard parking spaces for employees and drivers of fleet vehicles. Fleet vehicle area would be gated for private use. Located on 11.5 acres on the southeast corner of Cajalco Rd/Ramona Expressway and Harvill Ave. Case Info Site Plan

Application: PAR 200006, Fayres Hall, applicant. Proposes construction of a shopping center which would include a 9,286 sq ft commercial building, 1,487 sq ft car wash, 4,011 sq ft convenience store, 932 sq ft canopy for diesel fuel, 5,162 sq ft canopy for gas pumps, and two drive-thru restaurants (1,643 sq ft and 3,73 sq ft) on 3.2 acres north of Elmwood St, south of Cajalco Rd, east of Clark St, and west of Carroll St. Case Information

Application: PAR 190033 Core 5 Industrial Partners. 202,890 sq ft industrial building with office space, 163 parking spaces, and landscaping on 11 acres east of Harvill Ave, west of Frontage Rd, south of Orange Ave, and north of Daytona Cove. Also includes direct access from three interior drive aisles into neighboring industrial complex. Case Information

Application: PAR 220056, Omni Development Group c/o Richard Hoy - Engineer/Representative: Kimley - Horn c/o Leticia Alvarez, applicant. Proposes for a commercial center consisting of the following: Parcel 1 would include a truck stop and a convience store building with a 5,000 sq/ft food court, a 1,300 sq/ft lounge, and a 6,200sq/ft convenience store. Additionally a gas station with 7 diesel bays and an 8 multiple product dispenser (MPD) canopy. Parcel 2 proposes to include a 4,300 sq/ft drive through quick service restaurant (QSR)/ Location: East of Pats Drive, West of Interstate - 15, North of Lawson Road on 11.15 gross acres. Case Info Site plan

Application: CUP 200048 Kok Development, applicant Proposes development of one new 16,130 sq ft structure for commercial uses at Tom's Farms, including a coffee shop and bakery with drive through, other retail, and office suites, on a site with an existing restaurant with parking and a park and ride lot. Case Info Site Elevations

Application: CUP 03481 Tom's Farms Expansion Project. A phased expansion of the existing Tom's Farms facility to include an 8,559 sq ft banquet bldg, 1,800 sq ft multi-purpose facility, 81,573 sq ft retail/commercial bldgs, 6,790 sq ft bakery with drive-thru, 12,844 sq ft greenhouse, 6,850 sq ft barn, 4,400 sq ft amusement park bldg, and a 8,198 sq ft water park. Proposal includes 753 parking spaces and events being held throughout the year. Tom's Farms is located on the east side of Temescal Canyon Rd, north of Squaw Mtn Rd. Case Information 041b061a72


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