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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker 720p - The Ultimate Guide to the Dark and Thrilling Animated Film

in the comics, the joker has appeared as a serial killer, iced-gangster, mafia hitman, mastermind of chaotic traps and murders, as well as a cosmically inclined occultist. one theory behind the name is that of the nickname joker, before his association with the joker moniker, he was called "jack." the joker's base of operations is the infamous"two-face," a.k.a. harvey dent.

Batman Beyond- Return of The Joker 720pBatman Beyond- Return of The Joker 720p


joker has also been known to be a vigilante or vigilante. the joker does not wear a mask, and often uses some form of theatrical makeup. joker is very unpredictable. although we can never truly predict what kind of lunatic path he will follow, joker usually springs some sort of surprise. he usually taunts his enemies and kills them before they even realize they are in danger. where he kills his victims the most he kills them in the most horrific ways. joker is a hyper psychotic psychopath without limits. once he is set upon a certain course of action, he will not stop until he reaches his goal. the joker is known to possess telekinetic, telepathic, hypnotic, pyrokinetic, anti-gravitric, and computer-enhanced abilities, is considered the greatest mastermind of evil, and is considered to be a metaphysical monster.

other people have even changed their appearance into the joker. these people are called jokerim. many of these jokerim have been driven insane by the joker. in fact they often spend their lives trying to gain his approval by doing absolutely nothing other than to mimic the joker as accurately as possible. by closely analyzing them you would be able to tell by their mannerisms which joker they are imitating.


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