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On his way, when he reached Mount Sinai at night, he was assigned to prophetic mission by the Almighty Allah. He was chosen by Allah to invite Fir'awn to the religion of Tawhid, to liberate the Israelites from the yoke of the Gipsies, and to designate his brother, Harun (Aaron), as his minister. But after he announced his mission and communicated the divine message, Fir'awn who was an idol-worshipper and who had also introduced himself to the people of Egypt as one of the gods, did not accept Musa's (as) prophetic mission and refused to grant freedom to the Israelites.

Muhammad Isa Dawud Pdf Free

Isa al-Isa is widely regarded as one of the most prominent Palestinian journalists of the twentieth century. His newspaper Filastin was noted for its highly professional character, its wide network of correspondents, and the accuracy of its news. It became a model to be emulated for newspapers in Greater Syria. Isa was an early opponent of Zionism and further opposed the Greek hegemony over the Orthodox Church, calling for the Arab Orthodox community to be free of Greek arbitrariness. He produced a collection of poetry (diwan) on political and sentimental topics and wrote a memoir, Past Memories, covering his lifetime until he finally settled in Lebanon.


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