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New Amsterdam 5x12

From a molecular perspective on sarcopenia as a key trigger ofstrength declines during aging, Heisterberg and colleagues [OP-PM10] statedthat satellite cells are important for the plasticity and regenerativecapacity of the skeletal muscle. An aging-induced decline of satellite-cellfunction seems to be linked with an increased TGF-beta signaling. Thismechanism was previously identified by Carlson et al. (EMBO MolecularMedicine, 2009). Blocking angiotensin II (by means of Losartan) in sarcopenicmice down-regulates TGF-beta and IGF-1 that might enhance muscle adaptationfollowing exercise training. Twenty-six elderly men (64+ years of age)performed one bout of heavy one-legged resistance exercises comprising 5x12repetitions of concentric work (70% of 1RM) and 4x6 repetitions of eccentricwork (110% of 1RM). The authors did not find any effect of Losartan on themuscle response to acute exercise. The authors, however, stated that longertreatments and exercise periods might yield larger effects.

New Amsterdam 5x12

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