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Refx Nexus 2 Trance Leads Expansion.rar

2 Dance Vol 3 Expansion Pack-AiRISO ReFX Nexus 2 HandsUp .. Tomas Taveira Catarina Furtado A nexus2 expansion: bigtone signature 3 by refx from ... Related posts: reFX NuElectro (Nexus 2, NXP) reFX HandsUp Leads Vol.1 (Nexus .

Refx Nexus 2 Trance Leads Expansion.rar

Download Zip:

Do you remember this awesome time period around the 2000s? Trance music at its peak - it even managed to happen in the radio / mainstream with these wonderful melodic vocals! Now its time to revive these sounds (and vocals!) with the new Vocal Trance expansion pack for your VPS Avenger. This big pack contains tons of sounds from around the 00s, drums, arps, leads, pads and -of course- 24 complete vocal kits (as multiloops, so they follow your tempo and key seamlessy). Its a blast to play all these sequences live - or in other words: a blast from the past! Truly a must have for every trance producer.

Here are the good summer vibes for you: Tropical House 2 is here! Sound designer Mirko Ruta did it again and created 129 wonderful plucks, arps, basslines, leads pads, drums and even vocals, all bundled in a big expansion pack for your VPS Avenger. Of course this expansion can also be used for deep house, chart pop, hiphop and all kind of EDM and trance. The flute-like leads and mallet-pluck sounds are one of a kind. Enjoy this beautifully crafted expansion and always remember: the next summer will come!

Ambition is back! Marcel Susenburger did it again: Explore 140 pristine Trance presets in both, outstanding audio and composition quality! Wonderfully programmed arps (also included as 84 new arp patterns), chord progressions, drumkits, rolling basslines, strings, pads, plucks, effects and fine leads. A must have addition to volume 1 or as stand alone, its the trance producers' magic toolbox!

The second chapter of Psytrance has arrived: Psy 2 offers you new tight basslines, leads, effects, plucks, pads and drumkits as well as over 70 new arpeggio melodies for your VPS Avenger. Sound Designer Marcel Seifer presents his collection of top modern Psy sounds, all ready to use and highly inspirational. Of course these presets will fit perfectly into other genres like EDM or normal Trance. Get it now and stock up your Avenger with these awesome new sounds!

Trance Invasion 2 has landed! Our special guest sound programmer invading your studio this time: Alan Morris! Trance at its best from germany: Enjoy tons of wonderful arpeggios, rolling basslines, fat leads, lush pads, cutting plucks, modern trance drumkits and well composed sequences and refreshing chord progressions - Alan is a professional piano player. So if you know his music, you know you can expect awesomeness. Of course there is also a big new Arpeggio presets folder included in this XP. A true must have for every serious trance producer out there!

Finally - Trance Two has landed! 132 of the freshest new Trance sounds from outer space await you: After the big success of "Trance One", Manuel Schleis presents you "phase two", and damn - this one kicks ass again! Explore tons of new rolling and hard rockin' basslines, inspiring and well composed arps, beautiful emotional pads, cutting plucks & fat epic leads as well as dancefloor destroying sequences and fx risers. The expansion makes vast use of Avengers new Chord Arp feature and will add 40 new Arp presets to your library. Also it adds 33 perfectly mixed trance drumkits, new multisamples, shapes, wavetables and granular samples. A masterpiece in its class - a true Trance & EDM producers' must have!

Trance producers, attention! Welcome to the first huge Trance XP for VPS - Avenger! Sound designer Manuel Schleis returns to his roots and created 140 timeless sound masterpieces from all eras of Trance: Enjoy energetic arpeggios, rolling & modulating basslines, ultra wide pads, precious leads, powerful fx and inspiring sequences. Furhermore you will encounter handcrafted trance drumkits, tons of multisamples, OSC shapes and Wavetables. Everything is mixed and mastered to perfection and offers you the perfect base for epic and high quality trance music which stands out from the rest.


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