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Rusty Lake Hotel ^HOT^

Congratulations!The one who love Rusty lake will always follow you.Although I feel a bit upset when I knew the releasing date was delayed,but I still love Rustylake and I still desire for the new game.Looking forward to your new game!

Rusty Lake Hotel

The atmosphere in this hotel is always dangerous, and people are suspicious and wary of each other. A feeling of horror and suspense will arise in your subconscious, and you will not be able to know what can happen and what the secrets behind it look like.

Spoiler alert for the main plot which you will learn about maybe five minutes into the game: The hotel has no main dishes to serve the guests, and said guests happen to be comprised of delicious meats. Whatever you may have been imagining about mysteries and intrigue, you can dump it because what you are actually doing here is murdering guests to feed to other guests. Most of the game takes place in the five rooms of the visitors, where a complex series of puzzles and brain-teasers will allow you to engineer a fatal encounter with the occupant and harvest their flesh. The next day you serve it to whoever remains, and then roll on to the next unlucky critter. 041b061a72


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