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[S4E12] Blind Date !LINK!

You cannot say that The Rookie Season 4 Episode 12 didn't have it all with dismembered limbs, hilariously awkward double dates, a super emotional Harper, and Grey in the field with a dirty cop from Italy.

[S4E12] Blind Date

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He's a man who grew up well off, and while he's always prided himself on advocating for those less privileged than himself, sometimes his blind spots are massive. It's easy for him to get so hung up on his past experiences at a private school that he didn't consider why it was important for Angela.

The double date was simultaneously cringe-worthy and amusing. No way on earth should Lucy and Tim have ever done a group thing with their significant others. All the time together showed was that they're very in tune with each other and compatible.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Chris are headed in a stronger direction. The two of them have many things in common, and even though it was awkward for Chris during that double date where you genuinely couldn't tell who was on a date with whom, Lucy bounced back from it.

But it extends beyond so much of that. Josh is so blind (pardon the pun) to his laser-focused vendetta against Murphy that he doesn't even consider all the collateral damage that could exist in the process.

The entire situation with Murphy and McKay was a bit frustrating. Not only did McKay want to spend time with Murphy alone so he could make moves on her, but he probably wanted to cover his ass if she did flip on him because she's blind and wouldn't be able to I.D. him sufficiently.

They leave the clubhouse for a rundown house Daryl had found earlier while with Michonne. After securing the area, he brings out a case of moonshine for Beth. She is hesitant, as her father had told her that the wrong kind of moonshine could make her go blind. Daryl tells her that there's "nothing worth seeing out there anyway." As she drinks, she tries to encourage Daryl to join her, but he refuses, desiring to stay sober to protect them. However, he eventually succumbs when Beth has him join in a game of "Never have I ever", during which Beth challenges Daryl in some painful ways. In his intoxication, he becomes upset and belligerent, revealing much about the hardship of growing up with his abusive father. He drags Beth out to where a walker is approaching, and uses his crossbow to pin it to a tree; he then tries to teach Beth how to use the crossbow to kill it but Beth insists on using her knife. The two begin to argue, Daryl calling Beth a "dumb college girl", while Beth accuses Daryl of not caring anymore. Daryl breaks down, believing himself responsible for Hershel's death as he had failed to kill The Governor when he had a chance. Beth embraces Daryl as he cries.

Blanches neueste Eroberung heißt John Quinn. Obwohl ihre Beziehung gut funktioniert, will Blanche sich nach einiger Zeit von ihm trennen: Es verunsichert sie, dass John der erste Mann ist, der sie nicht wegen ihres Äußeren liebt - er ist nämlich blind. Ihre Freundinnen raten ihr dagegen, die Beziehung zu John nicht aufs Spiel zu setzen. Rose trainiert wie besessen eine Kinder-Footballmannschaft. Da sie sich der Aufgabe allein nicht gewachsen fühlt, spielt Dorothy ihre Assistentin. Am Tag des großen Spiels sind die beiden Trainerinnen so erkältet, dass sie nicht auf's Feld können. Sophia rettet den Tag, indem sie die Mannschaft zum Sieg und der wohlverdienten Eiscreme führt.

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Blanche befriends a man at a bar and makes a date with him unknown to her he's blind. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Rose try their hand at coaching a kids' football team.

No in-depth details, other than rape and strangulation, were mentioned about the cause of death. The victims were always black and white college girls who the two abducted (with the exception of Missy DeWald, who attended a local high school). They would abduct the girls on different times of the day, bind their arms and legs together, cover their mouths with duct tape, and put them in a car. They brought the girls to an abandoned warehouse, where they took turns raping them before killing them two days later. They then dumped the bodies in random locations. Considering that the police initially suspected only one person was responsible for the murders, they presumably wore condoms during the rapes as a forensic countermeasure. When he raped alone, he would presumably target the same type of victims he targeted with Baleman and either blindfold them or wear a mask.

Macet poses the obvious question to Picard; if he really believes that, why didn't he board the ship as Maxwell suggested? Picard answers that he had he done so, the two of them probably wouldn't be having this pleasant conversation. In the end, Picard may not have any evidence for the allegations, but his mandate was and is to maintain the peace, not start another war, which he sharply reminds Macet would in all likelihood be detrimental to both of their people. So he's not going to do anything... except to tell Macet to convey a warning to Cardassian leadership: "We'll be watching."Tropes featured in "The Wounded" include:

The following is considered original research, but done with the utmost accuracy. Spacing, capitalization, line returns, and typos have been left original. Use care when editing. Note that in many cases the dates do not agree, or indicate that the story order is different from the broadcast order, or may cause continuity issues (any of which may or may not have been intended).

The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves. I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world.

This episode of dateable is brought to you by five hundred brunches. Five hundred brunches connects like minded people with similar interests to meet in real life over brunch. You answer a questionnaire about your interests and how you spend your time. And then they'll match you in small groups of sixty eight at a brunch spot in san francisco. Get a free entry into a french now. By signing up at five hundred branches dot com and using the code date able everyone. Welcome to another episode of dateable. A show that opens up a candid conversation about modern dating. We have a full house today. And i know i say that all the time but i actually feels like we have a full house today. Because we're all sitting really close to each about how on my floor i have a special guest hosts. His name is boris. If you remember him he was part of our season. Finale for season three The stories about him and his now wife kate and kind of their story of how they met which was on jay. She's not a she's not jewish and so he's a now a married man and we thought it'd be interesting to get boris on the show get married man's perspective absolutely. Hello big fan of the season ender. Oh yeah because it's about you. He's been in san francisco for six years originally from boston. We've had so many boston's on our show. I feel like we should just move to boston. San francisco's over filled with east coasters especially boston. I don't know why that is but was such a lovely place to live and our special guest today. Her name's eva. She's been in san francisco for eight years from olympia washington and she's thirty years old. Okay so you're bring on a topic that we haven't really covered on our show all right so tell me about why you're here. I think i have interesting Of a sex life or life. But i am into rope bondage and the kinks seen here. So i'm here to talk about that. I will admit this. I'm super vanilla. So this is something i really don't know anything about julian. I watched the new fifty shades. You feel we can as homework to study and research to study up on with this world is all about. I could given you some better moving. Guess my biggest question is how do you find out your into this rope bondage. That's a really good question So i've always known that. I've been a little weird and kinky especially in bed When i had boyfriends in high school and college i was always into rough sex. You know like spanking rape fantasies kind of stuff. That was a little outside of the box. And my boyfriend's were always really great and they indulged my fantasies But it wasn't until. I went to know burning men that i really discovered From san francisco pretty you know when it was man for the first time in two thousand thirteen and i found a camp called suspended animation and their whole stick is they tie people up and hang them from points and let them have what they call a bondage ride. So i got my first bondage ride at the burn and from then on. I was completely hooked. Total rope slut. I didn't actually get to dive in like right. After the burn because i was dating a partner who was proven and not super into it So i broke up with him a couple of years later and then i went. Full bore into rope In portland oregon actually Well that's how i got into it. Was it the people you're with that sort of brought this out new or we just always had a. You're like drawn to that kind of porn. Or what is it that initial seed. It's just i know. I don't i cover a great answer for this one. I think it has a lot of things to deal with like my upbringing. I was raised catholic so i always associated sex and intimacy with a lot of guilt and shakes catholic. Yes so exactly. Are the craziest. That i'd like to think but also like you know if i was in like if i was having the action done to me i didn't feel as guilty about it kind of so. That's why i kind of liked being like taken over and restrained That's why i liked you. Know a little bit of like masochistic tendencies and bad like spanking. Really fun for me. Like being held down was really fun for me And so that all kind of plays into rope bondage as well But honestly bondage can be non sexual and for part of me does like non-sexual rope bondage Pardon me the sexual robot really louis. 041b061a72


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