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[S6E4] 13 Chefs Compete ^HOT^

The remaining 13 chefs are challenged to create perfectly proportioned 6-inch sausages. The dinner service will include Drew Lachey, John O'Hurley, Tom Green, Melinda Clarke, Chris "Kid" Reid and Kristy Swanson are among those being served cold and salty meal. Chef Ramsey is unhappy.

[S6E4] 13 Chefs Compete

Team challenge: For the first time in the series, the signature dish presentation was performed as the first team challenge, and the chefs were divided into men (blue) and women (red) teams. The team with the most dishes appreciated by Ramsay would win the challenge. Tek's chipotle honey grilled shrimp and Tennille's balsamic-glazed lamb chop gave the women a quick 2-0 lead, but Tony's mussels and chorizo and Jim's seared ahi tuna quickly brought the men back even. Dave's ostrich and Joseph's roasted veal chop earned compliments, but both were disqualified for having undercooked Brussels sprouts; Joseph was also berated for refusing to taste his own dish without a fork. Kevin had cooked his filet steak well, but he was disqualified for seasoning it with coffee sauce. Ariel's duck and Suzanne's risotto were both undercooked, and Andy and Lovely's dishes fell flat. Sabrina's chipotle-wrapped pork tenderloin was too spicy, and Amanda was berated for making a simple French toast dish that would have taken three minutes to make, and seemingly attempting to get Ramsay drunk since the toast was dipped in tequila and she served two glasses of tequila with the dish. Ramsay spat out Louie's biscuits with sausage gravy, comparing it to gunk, and Melinda's poached lobster and portabello mushroom dish was missing its main component: a lobster tail. Van's foie gras with minted caramel, the last dish to be judged, ultimately gave the men the challenge victory, 3-2.

Service: Ramsay had Van and Tennille cook and serve scampi in the dining room. Before service, Tony had a hard time preparing grapefruit to a point where Ramsay threatened to kick him out of the competition. Van earned Jean-Philippe's ire by running in the dining room and accidentally served customers at the other team's table, leading to heated disputes between the two. Ramsay pulled them out of the kitchen to reprimand them on their behavior. Tony cooked scallops too early and brought them up raw, forcing Kevin to take over for him on the fish station. For the red team, Robert burned shallots for a risotto, but he and Suzanne managed to get appetizers out. Tennille fell behind in the dining room which backed up her kitchen, and then faced not only Ramsay's anger, but also her team's, for serving undercooked shrimp to a woman who was pregnant. Lovely repeatedly burned her fish and didn't realize that the gas on the stove was turned off. Kevin again took over the fish station after Tony tried to cook a halibut without seasoning it, but he served it raw as well. Andy then undercooked the chicken and attempted to quickly fry it off after slicing it. Sabrina also served undercooked chicken despite Suzanne's warning, and after she burned the refire, the service was deemed a lost cause. Ramsay ordered the chefs to make shrimp cocktails for the diners (since they don't require any cooking), before shutting down both kitchens. No winner was declared.

Team challenge: The chefs were awakened at 2 A.M. with lights and sirens from fire trucks. There was no fire, but they were told to serve the firefighters a pasta meal consisting of chicken alfredo, meatball marinara, and a garlic bread appetizer; the first to serve all firefighters on its side would win. Andy and Lovely had trouble cooking garlic bread. However, Lovely quickly recovered with Ariel's help but Andy continued to slow down the rest of his team by only using two of the five available ovens. Eventually, Andy's bread made it out to the dining room. The women were far ahead, but the men caught up when Sabrina didn't put enough chicken in the alfredo and Tek had a marinara sent back for an undercooked meatball. Both teams made it to the final ticket simultaneously, but the women narrowly won.

Elimination: Ramsay named Ariel as best of the worst and told her to pick two nominees for elimination. She selected Lovely and Tennille. Ramsay indicated that he expected Amanda to be nominated rather than Lovely, but allowed the nominations to stand. With two chefs eliminated after the previous service earlier in this episode, Ramsay spared Lovely and Tennille, then tested Amanda's math skills once again. He also played off Joseph's diatribe by reminding the chefs, "I'm nobody's bitch." Everybody laughed and went back to the dorms.

Team challenge: Ramsay paired up the chefs (in particular, those whom he felt were not getting along well with each other) to make sausage links by hand in order to improve their teamwork skills. The first team to make six strings of sausages that meet Ramsay's specifications would win. Ramsay chose Amanda to sit out as the women had an extra member. The men struggled, with one pair, Jim & Robert, producing nothing. The majority of the women were perfect, with only Ariel and Sabrina producing a line too thin, and the women won 6-4.

Team challenge: The chefs were challenged to a blind taste test. Since the women had an extra member, Ramsay chose Tennille to sit out. Each chef was then given four ingredients to taste. The team with the most ingredients identified correctly would win the challenge. Ariel scored two over Van's one, Suzanne scored two over Dave's one, while Kevin and Sabrina each scored one. Andy and Amanda each scored one, giving the women a 6-4 win after Andy guessed his second to last ingredient wrong.

Elimination: Tennille was named best of the worst and had to nominate two chefs for elimination. She immediately chose Suzanne but deliberated between Sabrina and Amanda, ultimately choosing Sabrina, but Ramsay also called down Amanda and ultimately eliminated her. Although both Sabrina and Suzanne made major errors in service, Ramsay felt Amanda was too polite and a far weaker performer overall than either of them.

Team challenge: The chefs were arranged in pairs (Ariel and Van, Dave and Suzanne, and Kevin and Tennille) and had 30 minutes to recreate one of Ramsay's signature dishes based on taste alone, and Ramsay would judge the dishes. All three pairs correctly identified the turbot but missed the puree, which was white onion. Kevin and Tennille were disqualified immediately for failing to plate their calamari, while Dave and Suzanne won the challenge for being the only pair to correctly identify passion fruit sauce, as the other two used starfruit. Suzanne annoyed the others by being smug about the win, and Dave was particularly uncomfortable about going on the reward with her.

Reward/punishment: Dave and Suzanne had lunch with Ramsay, cooked by Hell's Kitchen season 4 winner Christina Machamer at Ramsay's London West Hollywood restaurant. Suzanne asked Christina many questions, shooting down Dave's attempts to talk to Christina. The other chefs prepped the kitchen and dining room for a special "couples" dinner service.

Service: Kevin served salad and Porterhouse steaks table side. However, he was unable to serve some of his salads as Suzanne mistakenly thought only two tortellini came per portion and gave inconsistent timings for the refire, which required Kevin to make the salad at the table more than once. The kitchen only got further backed up when Ramsay caught Van sweating into the scallops. Appetizers eventually caught up with entrees, while Van also undercooked his halibut and Ariel burned her lettuce garnish. Ramsay, visibly losing his sanity, walked out of the kitchen with sous chef Scott, a first in the series. Tennille and Kevin took control of the kitchen. Ariel continued to struggle to stay in sync with the others, and Suzanne annoyed her teammates by refusing to plate dishes thinking she'd get the blame if they were poorly done. Ramsay returned to the kitchen to kick out Suzanne, Ariel and Van to the dorms, leaving Kevin, Dave and Tennille to finish the service themselves. Van became infuriated, and even though Ariel attempted to calm him down, Van walked out of the dorms. After Dave, Kevin and Tennille finished the service, Ramsay asked them to nominate two of the other three chefs for elimination.

Elimination: The team nominated Ariel and Suzanne for elimination for their many mistakes during service. Ramsay eliminated Suzanne, feeling that she was on seemingly unsalvageable downward spiral, and had run out of chances after being nominated for the fourth time, much to the relief of Tennille and the remaining chefs. Ramsay told Tennille she dodged a bullet as she deserved to be nominated.

Challenge: The chefs awakened and were greeted by Little Gordon, Ramsay's child version. After Little Gordon gave the contestants a brief show, the real Ramsay came in the dining room and gave them their next individual challenge. They had one hour to cook 80 portions of a vegetarian dish. However, after the chefs had cooked their dishes, it was revealed that they'd be serving to children. Each of the children was served one portion of each contestants' dish. Tennille's mushroom-stuffed eggplant was voted the best by 55% of the kids, making her the winner of the challenge. Dave's polenta tower with goat cheese and roasted peppers finished second and Ariel's vegetarian lasagne finished third, while 40% voted Kevin's Asian crepe with beet carpaccio as the worst.

Service: Kevin started off the service at the appetizers station, cooking delicious risotto. When Dave's wrist injury acted up once during service, Ramsay directed Dave to see a medic, though Dave assured him his wrist was fine and got his lamb accepted. Tennille struggled badly, serving rubbery scallops while burning sea bass and undercooking halibut. When the other chefs asked for cooking times, Tennille did not respond, before eventually giving mixed signals. However, after Ramsay gave her a warning in the pantry, she made a comeback and her subsequent cooking was perfect. Eventually, the service was completed "flawless". 041b061a72


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