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Adequate resources for health promotion should be consistently allocated and provided to facilitate and encourage healthy lifestyles. The impacts on physical health, by way of preventing sickness, absenteeism and improved productivity, are too significant to ignore. There are numerous examples in the literature which provide support to the impact of health promotion and prevention on productivity and productivity growth. The recent Australian investigation by Unsworth et al. [ 75 ] on the relationship between health promotion and productivity growth in Australia provides support for the impact of health promotion on productivity. The dynamic and complex relationships between employees' mental and physical health and productivity may be another area of exploration in future research. The promotion of healthy lifestyles at the worksite in addition to the provision of other benefits such as the reduction of chronic disease morbidity and mortality is a win-win situation for both the employer and employees.

Gx Works 2 1.98.epub


The design and use of workplace health promotion programs should be based on a coherent framework, with consideration given to the social environment, cultural context, practicality and affordability of the program [ 76 ]. The cost-effective use of paid and non-paid resources, such as educational materials, may have a bearing on the uptake and continued usage of program resources. Further exploration of the cost-effectiveness of workplace health promotion interventions needs to be done. In this paper, we have provided some interesting insights into the increasing importance of workplace physical activity interventions at the worksite, and future research in this field should proceed with an agenda of including evaluation of the costs and economic benefits of worksite health promotion programs, to provide additional support to the implementation of such programs in the future.


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