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IS NO HARDWARE REQUIRED. Starting Oct. 3, 2016, we no longer support http redirection of shared links in web browsers, so we need to make the change to the file endpoint now. Any existing content that used to redirect will likely need to be changed to use https instead, or to generate a new shared link.

Select the type of files you wish to share: Image files. Works best for images you would like to share through a web browser. The URL contains an extra parameter to force the download: raw. The files may also redirect to*

Shared Files with File Name specified: The URL contains a query string parameter filename, with the file name you want to share. Adding the parameter raw=1 will instruct Dropbox to force the file download. Files may also redirect to *

By default, files are queued. When queued, files will be sent as they are updated. If you would like files to be sent immediately, set the mode to Immediate. We recommend setting to Immediate for high bandwidth uses, such as in collaboration apps. Dropbox will not attempt to batch files. Files in a file. Dropbox will attempt to send the file as soon as it is queued. Images, zip files, and PDFs can be viewed in the web browser using a direct link. HTML, rich text, and other types of files cannot be directly rendered from a web browser. HTML files may be rendered in a web browser by using the URL with the parameter raw.


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