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Buy Drawer Handles

The cabinet handles not only look great but also of good quality and the reasonable design allows the good spacing between the cabinet door for your fingers. Perfect for kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, bedroom wardrobes, and drawers.

buy drawer handles

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Handles Inc is your number one shop for premium door handles and accessories. We stock a vast array of products. From hand-crafted merchandise sourced from local artisans, to designer door handles from world-renowned designers across the globe.

Proper cleaning and priming of your old cabinet hardware are important steps. Those little things before painting gain you much time before having to purchase new cabinet pulls or door handles.

Just note that nothing is going to be as durable as a factory finish on new hardware. It also will depend on how much your pulls, door knobs, and handles are touched. For example, kitchen cabinet hardware is going to get the most wear compared to furniture hardware.

We have also seen where you can put craft sticks into foam or cardboard and use that to elevate your cabinet handles to help get full coverage. This will ensure that you are able to get at them from multiple angles.

Yes, as you see above we sprayed our cabinet hinges for our bathroom vanity makeover. If remodeling our kitchen, I would most likely just purchase new hinges since they are not as expensive as new kitchen handles.

Replacing these cabinet handles can be a little tricky. Old and new cabinethardware usually varies in size, so besides knowing thepositioning of the cabinet hardwareon the cabinet door, you also have to take one important detail intoconsideration: the center-to-center measurement.

Tip: In addition to measuring your center-to-center, note the height andwidth of your old hardware. That way, you can get new drawer pulls and knobsthat are at least that size to cover any wear marks (or the opposite, anyunblemished areas that were previously covered).

Our stainless steel door pull handles and knobs look great with a variety of cabinet styles and colors. Changing out your cabinet handles and knobs is an easy, cost-effective way to instantly update the look of your home, furniture, kitchen, or office. Antibacterial and anti-static handles are the perfect solutions for commercial or industrial applications, including large equipment or medical casework. Our consultants are on hand to help your team select the right products for your project.

Explore premium door pull handles, knobs, pulls, and stainless steel door handles, all available in North America. Visit the Sugatsune America resource page for digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files to help create your vision.

Your hardware should be in keeping with the style of your kitchen but it must be comfortable to use, too. So, personal preference is very important when deciding whether you want a knob or pull. Try to get a sample of the knobs or pulls you are thinking of buying. Place them against a cabinet drawer or door to see how they fit in your hand. Are they the right size and shape for you?

You can mix knobs and pulls in a kitchen to create visual interest. Use pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors, or vice versa. Just make sure you choose one pull style and one complementary knob style, and stick with the same finish throughout the kitchen. Or, you can use one type of hardware throughout the kitchen for a clean look.

Consider proportion, balance, aesthetics and function when deciding upon the size of a knob or pull for your kitchen cabinetry. An oversized cabinet door or drawer needs a large piece of hardware for proper functionality. A smaller sized knob or pull is appropriate for a smaller door or drawer. A good rule of thumb for traditional or transitional style pulls is that they should be about one-third of the length of the cabinet drawer. Drawers larger than eighteen inches wide may require more than one pull or knob. More contemporary designs call for long pulls that are at least two-thirds of the length of the drawer or cabinet door.

Typically, pulls are positioned horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. In contemporary kitchens, you can consider placing the pulls on the doors horizontally for a sleek look. No matter the style of your kitchen, think about how you want the knobs and pulls to be positioned before they are permanently attached to the cabinetry.

Knobs are installed with a single screw through one focused entry point on a door or drawer. Pulls are installed with two screws through two points of contact on a door or drawer. Before any holes are drilled, make sure you give detailed instructions to your homebuilder or remodeling professional so that they know the correct type of handle to install on each cabinet door or drawer. You will also need to specify the position of the knob or pull so that they are installed in a consistent manner throughout the kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen has sleek lines, very little ornamentation and a neutral color palette. In keeping with this style of design, it is wise to choose hardware that is simple and streamlined. Linear bar handles or curved barrel handles are the perfect choice. For a cohesive look, select handles for your cabinetry in a similar style and finish as the handles on your stainless steel appliances.

The hallmarks of a traditional kitchen are elaborate detailing, embellishments and moldings. Often, interior designers choose ornate drop-handles or fancy knobs for furniture-style cabinetry in a traditional kitchen.

Want your personality to shine through? Consider unique hardware to spice up your cabinetry. Choose handles that look like seashells for your beach house. Or, pick pretty painted knobs for your informal, relaxed-style kitchen.

Stainless steel handles in a highly polished or brushed finish look great in a contemporary kitchen. Pewter and brass look more at home in a traditional setting. Bronze will patina over time, mature in appearance, and will make a bold statement in a rustic kitchen. A black finish is dramatic on a light colored cabinet in a transitional style kitchen. Whatever you choose, just make sure the finish on your cabinet hardware complements the overall decor of your kitchen.

Do you just love nautical decor? Keep it simple and thrifty by using rope in place of traditional pulls on a dresser or drawers. These are the perfect accent for a lakeside cottage, a country home by the river, a beach bungalow, even a landlocked house. Available from Etsy; prices vary.

For a fresh burst of color and a unique flea-market ambiance, collect polished sea glass, unusual rocks, or beautiful minerals to make custom drawer pulls, like these from The Merry Thought. Remember to use extra-strong glue as the rocks can be heavy.

Rulers or yardsticks cut to size make perfect handles for wide drawers. However, the vintage school supply aren't always the sturdiest option for constant tugging. The Painted Hive came up with a smart solution using scrap wood, a ruler graphic, and Mod Podge. You'd never been able to guess these aren't the real deal rulers.

These drawer pulls from Delineate Your Dwelling couldn't be much simpler to make! Using air clay, she formed different shapes around knobs she already had on hand. For a finishing touch she used painted them for a cool and glitzy look.

If industrial is where your design druthers lie, these DIY nuts and bolts drawer pulls could be just for you. Ideal for a garage or shop, it will also look great in a modern setting with lots of steel elements.

If you have experience cutting copper pipe then these won't be hard to make! With copper becoming a popular hardware materials for homes, these drawer pulls will bring a touch of industrial glam to your house.

Hesitant about going all in on a popular decor trend? That's okay. One reasonable way to try out new styles is by incorporating them as smaller details, like drawer pulls! A Beautiful Mess shares a DIY for simple clay marble knobs. Quick, easy, and affordable, they'll give your room a style boost.

If yarn craft is your thing, pull out your crochet needles and whip up a bunch of colorful covers for your drawer knobs. You can make over a dresser in no time, and bring a textured contrast to the smooth surface of your furniture. They're slipcovers for your hardware!

Finally, they look fantastic and can take any kitchen from just so-so to truly outstanding. If you want your guests to stand and stare in awe of your new kitchen, customized or high-quality knobs and pull handles are the way to go.

After you find the vertical center, measure the width of the drawer front and divide that in half to mark the center of the front horizontally. If you are drilling a single hole for knobs, this is where you will drill.

If you are drill two holes for a pull handle, you need to measure equal distances left and right to ensure the pull will be center on the drawer front. You may also choose to put two pulls on wider drawers if desired. Usually when this is done, you try to measure equal distances from both sides. Once you drill your first holes, then you can line up the template.

It has a profound impact on the overall aesthetics of the furniture. In addition, these grips must be durable, easy to grip, and must open and close the drawer effortlessly. Thus, purchasing the right kind of furniture drawer handles for cabinets, wardrobes, dressers, beds, etc. is very important. There are many styles available in the market which accentuate the aesthetics of the furniture and make it look all the more expensive and fashionable.

This is shaped like a half cup and has been designed especially for drawers. The open part faces down to provide a recessed grip to open and close it. You need to grip the bottom portion of the grip. They are fixed using mounting poles instead of screws.

Unlike the cup ones, the Horizontal ones are widely used for furniture. You simply need to grab it and exert pulling force to open it. They come in both simple as well as ornate designs. Brass, chrome, nickel, wood, steel, and many other types of materials are used to make wardrobe drawer handles. 041b061a72


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