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Tdu2 Qa V069 Has Stopped Working

it's a bit weird that they say they're a mobile games developer and that theyre working for ubisoft, but it's still good to know that they're working on a new test drive game. so we may soon know what tdu3 will be. we also might know what the new character artists will be doing and what the game will be called.

Tdu2 qa v069 has stopped working

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we may never know if the others are right, but according to the comments, it seems as if this has been a thing for a while. one of the comments says that the job which we think is for graphics was actually for character art, and in tdu2 we saw that the character artist was able to change the models of the cars, so it could be possible that they're making a new character art position. 

i have absolutely no idea what theyre talking about with the map. the only thing i can think of is that the map was only going to be one map, not two, and that the developers of the new test drive game are changing the map since test drive 2 was only going to be one map. i dont think this means anything though, since there were maps for tdu2, and there are still maps for tdu1 and tdu2. 

  • if you are getting "tdu2 qa v069 has stopped working" error then please follow the below steps to get the issue resolved go to your xbox360 controller and goto "my games and apps" tab.

  • select "start" and then "settings".

  • select "device settings" tab. you will find "controller settings" here.

  • select "controller type" as "generic xbox 360 controller".

  • now press "apply" button. it will automatically remove the xbox360 controller from the list and connect the standard xbox 360 controller.


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