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Agent A A Puzzle In Disguise

All of the puzzles made sense except for the line puzzle (in the tiles above the fireplace). Was there a clue that told us what the arrangement of the lines was supposed to be? Or were we supposed to just accidentally happen upon that combination?

Agent A A Puzzle In Disguise

Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise is a puzzle adventure video game developed and published by Australian[1] studio Yak & Co.[2] The player's mission is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge's secret hideaway and put a stop to her evil plans.

The player takes the role of Agent A, a secret agent assigned to catch a dangerous enemy spy that has been targeting fellow agents. The game takes place in the secret lair of the main antagonist, Ruby La Rouge. After witnessing La Rouge's infiltration scheme that leads to the supposed demise of Agent A's chief in the prologue video, the player is then led to the secret lair on the shoreline not far from the committed crime. The player then gathers key items hidden in spots around certain parts of the lair that will lead to unlocking new areas in hopes of finally catching up with and defeating La Rouge. Collecting the key items and utilising them in the environment to solve the puzzles is the core mechanic while relying on the player's keen eye, logic and memory.[4]

Notice something strange or out of place? Making mental notes and observations (like a good secret agent) will aid you in solving tricky puzzles later on. As you explore Rubys secret hideout, collecting objects and using them cleverly is crucial in unlocking a trail of puzzles leading you ever closer to your target!

Parents need to know that Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise is a point-and-click spy adventure available for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as Windows and Mac OS-based computers. Players take on the role of a secret agent trying to infiltrate the lair of an evil super spy, discover her plans, and stop her from carrying them out. The game challenges players with a variety of different puzzles, some of which involve creative and critical thinking, while others test observation skills. While there's some implied violence, there's nothing explicit or graphic in how its presented. Parents should also be aware that characters are occasionally shown smoking and drinking.

AGENT A: A PUZZLE IN DISGUISE is a point-and-click adventure that puts players in the role of a James Bond-style secret agent on a mission to infiltrate the hideout of the notorious super spy, Ruby La Rouge. La Rouge has been targeting members of your organization and systematically taking them out of the spy game one by one. After her latest attack seeming costs the life of your chief, you're the only agent left to uncover her grand villainous scheme and put a stop to it once and for all. To do so, you'll need to use all your spycraft skills to search La Rouge's lair for clue, bypass her security, and most importantly, escape with your life. Think you've got what it takes to save the world one more time, Agent A?

If there's one thing learned from the adventures of James Bond and his ilk, it's that there's just something innately cool about being a secret agent. Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise gives players the chance to step into the role of one of these agents, captured in an elaborate trap and trying to make your escape armed with little more than witty banter, ingenuity, and of course, plenty of style. And style is one thing Agent A has plenty of. The game's artistic flair is bright, colorful, and fits perfectly with its '60s era spy theme. The presentation also helps to inject extra personality into the adventure even when your character is simply left to his or her own devices, which happens more often than not in this point-and-click adventure.

At its core, Agent A is, as the title suggests, a puzzle game. There are plenty of obstacles to overcome while making your escape from Ruby La Rouge's clutches, but nothing ever comes across as insurmountable. For every challenge in your way, a solution is usually somewhere within arm's reach. You might not be able to grab that key stuck in the bottom of an aquarium right now, but maybe that magnet you passed by in the other room could help. In fact, most of the game's puzzles are presented this way, with the pieces to the puzzle staring you right in the face. That doesn't make it easy, though, as you'll need to test your brainpower to put those pieces together in the right way. That's the important thing to remember here. Agent A is more about brains than brawn. And though the game runs a bit on the short side, without any real replay value, and its story begins to fall apart a bit at the end, Agent A is a lot of fun while it lasts.

What made Agent A challenging to design was how intertwined everything is. Puzzles needed to make sense within the secret agent universe, story moments needed to tie in with the game design, and we wanted every hidden object to lead you back and forth through a web of puzzles towards your ultimate goal of finding and stopping Ruby.

I just finished it on Nintendo Switch and I loved it so much! There were so many clever enigmas, I've always loved solving puzzles. If you loved Layton games (especially the mobile spinoff) you'll LOVE this game.

Agent Z, the least experienced and lowest ranking MIA agent, was taken captive after a mission gone wrong. Seeing as he doesn't hold any valuable information, or real weight in the organization, he doesn't believe anybody is coming to save him.And MIA doesn't either.

Open the drawer in the hallway here and take another wedge piece (2/12). Now go straight ahead to the master bedroom. Open the box at the foot of the bed, and insert your 2 yellow wedge pieces into the puzzle. Look at the painting above the bed and note the color sequence. Head upstairs to a balcony. Adjust the 4 hanging plants to match those above the stairs earlier (low, middle, low, middle). A stand will rise up from the floor. Pick up the wedge piece (3/12) and put the telescope on the stand. Back out, then look beneath the cushion in the chair to find the next wedge piece (4/12). Move the small plant on the table and take the cube from behind it. Return down to the master bedroom. Put your wedge pieces into the puzzle, then continue downstairs twice to return to the entry room.

Head out to the front of the house again and turn the water back on. Go back into the house and through to the living room. Put the water from your glass on the fire, then pick up the tile. Just above the fireplace, click on the painting to slide it to the side and reveal a safe. Rotate the discs so the circles all point to the left. Put your tile in the empty space. Now click on the tiles to match up all the pipes with those around the edge of the puzzle. Next click on the glass repeatedly until it eventually breaks and the keypad pops out.

Go upstairs to the bathroom again. Fill the sink with water using the tap, then use the plunger on the drain and take the key. While you are here, leave the tap running, then click and hold the drain to fill up the sink again Finger Plunge. Now turn the tap off again. Go to the master bedroom to deposit the wedges you are holding into the puzzle. Head back down to the living room and look at the side of the coffee table. Press the buttons in the following order:

Approach the front of the house and use your hammer on the light, then pick up the strange pulsing item that falls down. Put your globe back in the light fitting, then open the doors again. Head upstairs and into the master bedroom. Insert your current wedges into the puzzle. Give the fish bones to the cat, then take the circular lens from the chair. Go upstairs to the balcony. Use the circular lens on the telescope, then look through it. Adjust the settings to be able to read the number on the lighthouse (random with each game), and see the ship in the background.

Head out to the garage and open the fuse box at the top left, then insert your yellow fuse. Now you need to slide the blocks around so you can move the yellow block to the far right. Go back up to the pool. Open the small panel next to the pool and take the final wedge piece (12/12). Return to the master bedroom, insert the final wedge into the puzzle, and take the ruby. Back out to the upstairs hall and look at black yak's head on the wall here. Insert the ruby in the eye socket so you can take a pianola roll from its mouth. Now go back to the piano room and put this in the front of the piano. You have to copy 3 musical sequences. Number the keys as follows, starting from the one with the gray mark at its base:

Go over to the near right mouse hole to talk to the mouse, who you will name Trevor. Go to see him at the far right hole, then come back and talk to him at the near one. Repeat this a total of 4 times here, until conversation is exhausted with Trevor (1/4). Leave him at the far right hole for now. Next examine the briefcase in the middle of the room. Look closely at the handle, and press the yellow button. You now need to solve this puzzle by eventually getting the circle, triangle and square pieces into the correct locations:

Make sure that Trevor is at the far right mouse hole, then pull the large red lever. Go and click on Trevor at his mouse hole, then click on the mouse hole on the other side of the room, and pick up the key that he throws out for you. Make sure you keep clicking on the mouse until conversation is exhausted with Trevor (2/4). Go over to the floor panel near the far right mouse hole and use the key on it, then turn the key. Solve another spinning device puzzle (start at any point and going clockwise make them long, short, long, missing, long, long, short, missing). The panel will flip over and you will see a star-shaped hole. Insert your metal handle and keep turning it until the panel remains lit. The pattern you've created from the plugs is reversed. 041b061a72


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